Director's Message


Management Education is facing major challenges globally due to tectonic shifts triggered by the VUCA environment.  Indian B-Schools face challenges on two fronts – Skill-sets and content delivery.  The key skill-sets demanded by the industry include research, problem solving, negotiation, automation and analytics to name a few. The challenge on the content delivery side is predominantly from MOOC platforms such as edX, Coursera, Udemy and UpGrad.

At SNMVIM, we firmly believe that developing managers who can achieve success amidst turbulence calls for a radical redesign of our MBA Program.  Our curriculum, pedagogy, content delivery and approach to knowledge creation have been thoroughly revamped to address these changing industry needs.

For example, the biggest change brought about by the ongoing global pandemic is Digital Transition.  MBA graduates from now on should demonstrate skills in integrating digital technologies to achieve business advantage.  Realizing this need, we have included expert inputs on Automation, Business Analytics and AI for our MBA students.  In line with this realignment, we have also introduced digital marketing, focus on emerging sectors and technologies, live research/consultancy projects, industry immersive teaching-learning process and practice oriented methodology in our leading-edge MBA Program.

Developing adaptive, responsive approaches to management education that will foster personal resilience and flexibility in our MBA graduates will be SNMVIM’s guiding philosophy to empower students reach top corporate echelons in these tumultuous times!

Dr K Muthukumar

Director, SNMV Institute of Management