SNMV IM provides full time MBA Programme approved by AICTE and affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. The two-year full-time comprising of 4 semesters with compulsory dual specialization in the second year of the programme. The choice of specialization subjects generally include: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Systems.

With students as the central part of the education system, SNMV Institute of Management works continuously to make the student’s choice a worthy pursuit. The faculty work keen to enrich the students with the best of knowledge. Students are taken to corporate houses for field exposure. Charts and Models are used for direct demonstrations. Subject related videos are shown in classrooms to enlighten the students on select titles in the syllabus. Students are also motivated to present seminar topics related to syllabus in the classroom.

Online submission of students’ assignments and participation of students in Webinars, Video Conferencing promote the interest of students in learning. They are also assigned group works that promote team learning. Peer-review is carried out in order to expand the knowledge and sharpen the skill set of students. Simulation games are also used by the staff to ease practical learning.

The department offers student centric teaching methods such as Role Plays, Case Studies, Presentations and Group Work. Students visit Industries on a regular basis in order to understand better the topics related to curriculum. Students are also given assignments that involve group problem solving and decision making.

Students are also encouraged to carry out field visits related to their subject. Activity based learning methods enable the students to understand the topics through participative method of learning. Film Screening is done on a weekly basis in order to develop the communication skills of students. Hands-on trainings are provided to students on a regular basis in areas such as online trading. The flagship events of SNMV IM are

  • Meet the Manager – A guest lecture series that happens every Thursday
  • Sangamam – Intercollegiate Management Meet
  • NeuronTwisterz – Intercollegiate Business Quiz Competition
  • Symposium
  • Management Expo
  • Case Study Workshop